Haus ohne Eigenschaften

Haus ohne Eigenschaften

Kämpchensweg 58, 50933 Cologne



Architekt Prof. Oswald Mathias Ungers

O.M. Ungers

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Haus ohne Eigenschaften

The “Haus ohne Eigenschaften” (house without qualities) is located on the edge of the Cologne district of Müngersdorf, very near the second green belt which embraces the city in the shape of a crescent.
The theme is unrepresentational architecture – it is nothing but the shell, the space, the ground plan in all their purity. The house is thus rather without qualities, only characterised by its dimensions, geometry and proportions, or, as the architect puts it: “Nothing moves, nothing is hidden, concealed or decrypted. There is nothing behind it; all what is meant by it is immediately visible.”
This is a house without any visible details and where nothing was left to chance: a house without base, plinth, jamb and attic (in the classical sense).
Sharply distinct from the green area and rather part of the house, right on the lawn there is a white 18 x 18 metres large, two-step platform made of natural stone, bearing the house cube as if it was put on a tray.
A total of twelve entrances leads to the ground floor in an equal manner. The façades are the same; there is no front or back.
The way inside leads through 1.5 metres thick “walls” which, in conjunction with the two inner walls, accommodate all necessary facilities like cupboards, stairs and lift, closet, toilets and boxrooms (principle of serving rooms). All rooms thus show their full spatiality without the residents having to make do without functionality.

Author: Barbara Schlei (koelnarchitektur) / Editorial baukunst-nrw
Last changed on 25.02.2021


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