Grugapark Essen

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Grugapark Essen

Grugaplatz, 45147 Essen

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1929 / 1952 / 1965


Gartenarchitekten Johann Gabriel

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Grugapark Essen

Outdoor pursuits and information in display gardens and greenhouses aside, Grugapark also offers its visitors a very attractive recreational and cultural programme.
For three generations now, Grugapark has embodied floral beauty, Sunday outings, concerts, outdoor pursuits, fireworks and parties, riding the park railway and a lot of beautiful child hood memories.
When walking through the huge park, visitors will see the round dahlia garden overlooking the valley of woods and the botanical garden, which not only features a collection of various woods in the Alpinium but also a three-cascade waterfall and a pond. There are also gardens for roses, shrubs and exotic plants, a lily pond, a rustic pond, a herb garden, a garden for the senses, a rhododendron valley and a garden with climbing and creeping plants.
In 1929, the Große Ruhrländische Gartenbau-Ausstellung (Gruga) opened. Its visitors were to see staged horticulture and illuminated trick fountains.
After WWII, Essen’s severely damaged Gruga was rebuilt in a modified form. In 1952, there was another horticultural exhibition. It featured freely designed landscapes and softly rolling grassland. The formerly rather strict geometry had been replaced by a natural park.
In 1965, the Bundesgartenschau (another horticultural exhibition) introduced new themes, which are still current, viz., outdoor pursuits and recreational activities.

For more information, please visit: Europäisches Gartennetzwerk (
See also Grugahalle Essen at baukunst-nrw.

Author: European Garden Heritage Network
Last changed on 31.03.2008


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