Fürst Hardenberg Housing Estate

Herrekestraße, Tauroggenstraße, Schleifenstraße, 44339 Dortmund

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1923-1929, Ergänzung: 1991-1997

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Architektin Gerald Krysta
Architektengruppe Planquadrat
Mebes und Emmerich

THS Wohnen GmbH

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Fürst Hardenberg Housing Estate

Fürst Hardenberg residential estate in the north of Dortmund is today still one of the Ruhr region’ most important workers’ estates in terms of its integration of architecture and urban development. The estate was built in the 1920s before being expanded with the addition of 29 publicly funded starter homes that meet low-energy house standards. This enhancement was implemented as part of the IBA Emscher Park with the support of public funding. Residential units similar to terrace houses are grouped around a car-free village green designated for communal use. The goal was to preserve and expand the estate’s excellent structural qualities and increasingly inter-generational social networks, since grandparents and grandchildren often still live right next door to one another here.
The exemplary neighbourly cohabitation in the estate is not solely the result of the tenants’ intense participation in its modernisation. 30 residents voluntarily invested a great deal of time and energy in converting former singles accommodation into a community centre with a large hall, kitchen, meeting rooms and a workshop. Barrier-free housing was also built to cater to the needs of senior citizens. In 2000, one year before the opening, the non-profit support organisation “Nachbarschaftshilfe Fürst Hardenberg e.V.” (Fürst Hardenberg neighbourhood assistance society) was founded and has since coordinated a comprehensive recreational and educational programmes held for all ages.
In the summer of 2008 the estate was awarded the Association for Technical Inspection’s “Quality of Life in Residential Estates” certificate for its high level of social engagement and attractive living environment.

Author: Route der Wohnkultur
Last changed on 24.03.2010


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