Siedlung Altenhof II

Eichenstr. / Hans-Niemeyer-Str., 45133 Essen

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Baurat Robert Schmohl

Alfred Krupp

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Siedlung Altenhof II

This Krupp housing estate, built for old people, invalids and singles, has largely been preserved. Altenhof II, built from 1907 to 1914, consists of varied plastered houses without truss.
The buildings were grouped as the hills would allow it. Their ground plans are limited to certain functional types.
The Krupp architect Robert Schmohl drew upon ideas developed by the English garden city movement and transferred them onto the conditions in Essen in a somewhat simplified way. The thus created picturesque and harmonious impression can still be perceived when walking through the hilly, meandering streets with their gardens and verandas adjoining the low houses.
The second part of the Altenhof housing estate, which was built later and originally was only cut of from Altenhof I by the Krupp forest and today is also cut off by the A52 motorway, is demarcated by Eichenstraße, Hans-Niemeyer-Straße and Eichhofweg.
While the earlier Krupp workers’ housing estates near the cast-steel factory were characterised by a strict and schematic straightness, Altenhof II had to be adapted to the hillsides instead.

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