Street view of villa Lange

garden view of villa Lange

villa Lange

street view villa Esters

garden view villa Esters

stairs to villa Esters in the garden

garden view villa Esters

Haus Lange and Esters

Wilhelmshofallee 91 (Lange) und 97 (Esters), 47800 Krefeld

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Architekt Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Dr. Joseph Esters
Hermann Lange

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Haus Lange and Esters

Villa planned by Mies van der Rohe for Hermann Lange (Director of Vereinigte Seidenwebereien AG, Verseidag) at the same time as the adjacent Haus Esters for Dr Josef Esters (Director of Vereinigte Seidenwebereien AG, Verseidag). It was supposed also to accommodate the client’s art collection from the outset.
The two-storey buildings with a flat roof has two asymmetrical wings. The wide cubes embedded in the landscape are clearly structured on the outside. The red-brick facade covers as steel skeleton structure. Windows and doors, in the main with metal frames, are cut into the facade. On the back, walls, balconies and terraces sort of lead in to the garden, also planned by the architect. The son of Hermann Lange presented the city the villa as a museum of modern art in 1955. The villa Esters has been used as a museum since 1981.

Author: Stadt Krefeld / baukunst-nrw
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