Former City Baths waterfront

View from the bridge

View from the bridge

Existing building


Interior Stairs

Former City Baths in the afternoon

Back yard with balconies

Former City Baths

Leineweberstraße 1, 45468 Mülheim an der Ruhr

1910 / 2007–2009 (Umbau und Neubau)

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msm meyer schmitz-morkramer
(new building)
Karl Helbing
(historic building)

Vivacon Stadtbad Mülheim GmbH & Co. KG

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Former City Baths

To live by the water in a majestic monument in the middle of the city is the dream of those who invested in a flat in the “Palais am Stadtkai”. This city baths was built on the model of an antique palazzo in the early Renaissance style. After nearly 90 years of use it was finally closed in 1998. The building illustrated its dynamic versatility in ensuing years until it was eventually converted to residential use. To preserve the building’s character, it was decided to highlight its charm through a synthesis of old and new. Although the interior baths area needed to be removed, the building elements under historic buildings protection remained intact. The facade’s sandstone and shell limestone elements, so critical in shaping the image of these riverside baths, as well as the arcade along the Ruhr river, were also preserved and extensively treated. In contrast with the old structure and to enhance its new functionality, steel balconies with light railings were attached using an invisible, suspended construction.
A new building containing 24 flats was built next to the city baths building, which now houses 41 flats. This ensemble is part of the ambitious “Ruhrbania” urban development project, which will open the inner city up to the Ruhr river with recreational, service and restaurant facilities. A promenade will lead from the inner city directly to the riverbank. In future, the old city baths will be surrounded by vibrant urban life.

Author: Route der Wohnkultur


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