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Project: Fernsehturm "Rheinturm" Fernsehturm General view
© Frank Rosskoss
Location: Stromstr.20
40221 Düsseldorf
Year: 1979-1981
Epoch: 1950s-70s
Designer/office: Architekt Prof. Harald Deilmann
Builder: GkA Gesellschaft für Kommunale Anlagen
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The Rheinturm is situated very close to the Landtag. The 234m tall TV tower is completely made of reinforced concrete, a novelty in structural engineering. This was made possible by using cooling tower construction techniques. The cup-like deck lends the tower its characteristic silhouette. The tower rests on a foundation ring of 34m in diameter, borne by 256 in-situ concrete pillars of up to 22m in length.
The base floor lies like a ring around the tower shaft, with the entrance area above it. The deck accommodates the telecommunications, an open observation platform and a ring storey fully revolving once an hour, which, in turn, accommodates the restaurant TOP 180. In the tower’s shaft, we find the world’s largest decimal clock, designed by Horst. H. Baumann.

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Fernsehturm Fernsehturm Fernsehturm
At night, from Rheinuferpromenade
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Rheinturm at night
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General view
Photo: Raimond Spekking
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tower deck
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